Shipping Policy

Different countries have different ports
There are many ways to transport
We will according to your needs
Choose the best shipping method for you
and give you a best shipping price
Mode of transportation:
EXW The factory price
FOB Free On Board
CIF cost  insurance  and freight Including insurance only cover loss of goods or may be irresistible factors
CNF cost  insurance  and freight without insurance
DAP Door to door, excluding tax, including customs clearance
DDP Door to door, including tax, including customs clearance
CFR he price of shipping the freight to the customer's agent
Door to door by sea
Door to door by air

Time of arrival by sea:
 area Arrival time
Asia 20-45 days
Africa 45-60 days
Europe 30-40 days
Oceania 20-30 days
North America 30-40 days
South America 30-40 days
Central America 30-45 days



Time of arrival by air:
 area Arrival time
Asia 10-35 days
Africa 25-40 days
Europe 15-30 days
Oceania 10-30 days
North America 10-30 days
South America 10-30 days
Central America 10-30 days



Template of freight  :

Name of the freight condition The price
Fast Shipping (7-15 Days) unconditional US$399.99
Free shipping(40-60 Days) US$3,000.00–US$20,000.00 Free
Ordinary Shipping(30-45Days) unconditional US$199.00


 Now we only have the freight template of America,

Customers in other countries,

You can contact them online through whatapp,

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