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Established since 2006, our company is a factory specializing in the production of various low-temperature medical refrigerators, contains 8℃~20℃,2℃~8℃,4±1℃,-25℃~-165℃,which suit for medical-grade, temperature-controlled storage and processing solutions and services for pharmacy, blood bank, laboratory, and research. Portable car freezer was designed for mobile storage. It is mainly used for the transportation and storage of pharmaceuticals, reagents, vaccines, and biological products. However, due to its high performance, the portable car freezer is also often used for the transportation of high grade ingredients. The capacity of portable car freezer is 25L. The temperature can be adjusted from -40 to -86 degrees. The net weight is about 20KGS. Supporting 220v AC working / 12V or 24v car charging / built-in lithium battery working 2-4 hours, which can be customized to work more than 8-48 hours according to customer requirements.

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