our philosophy

  • First consider the interests of customers, and then pursue self-interests, with a 100% attitude to achieve harmony between you and me, and you and I share the benefits


  • We believe honesty must be the foundation of which we build our business. When it comes to our customers, our very first contract we ever obtained we still have. This proves that throughout the years HELI scientific refrigeration has provided unsurpassed service and support to our customers that they still trust. 


  • We will be successful only if we meet our customers’ expectations better than our competition. The customer expects the best performance, quality, reliability, service, and responsiveness: The Best Value.


  • We will anticipate our customers’ requirements and offer products and services that better fulfill those requirements before our competition can respond. We will identify our unique niche in the marketplace and ensure that we are the best at what we do.


  • Our conduct will reflect the highest degree of integrity in our interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, and the society in which we work.


  • We will be dedicated to the development of and continuous improvement of our human resources. We will provide career development consistent with individual growth and contribution within the team. 


  • Our management style is customer driven and will be characterized by leadership, technical and financial skills, commitment to human resources, and dedication to the teamwork concept.


  • Our employees, as individuals and members of the team, have psychological needs such as recognition and pride, which will be fulfilled through personal development, involvement, education, and training opportunities.


  • Success will be achieved through our ability to function as a team. Each employee makes a significant contribution to the team effort. Our actions will encourage teamwork through open communications, the removal of barriers, employee involvement, building of trust, and providing a safe and clean work environment.


  • Decisions/actions must be made at the lowest level utilizing facts,statistics, and judgement within the time constraints and business priorities.


  • Provide customers with beautiful appearance, reliable performance, safety and reliability, safety and environmental protection, and humanized refrigeration equipment with leading functions, so that HELI Refrigeration can send harmony to every user and bring benefits!